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Company Information
WHAT I DO: I work with home owners, builders and renovators to achieve the required architectural plans and documentation for their project by utilising a proficient and responsive system to acheive the solution

WHO I WORK WITH: I work directly with the home owner to acheive their desired results! I also partner with new home builders including: large to small builders, double storey extensions, and builders specializing in renovations

WHY IT WORKS: With MJ Drafting & Designs you get the most efficient, effective and affordable architectural plans and as well as all documentation that builders are looking for.

WHAT MAKES MJ DRAFTING & DESIGNS DIFFERENT: We promise to provide the best service and attention to detail in providing a great set of architectural plans to obtain the building license. We start all projects within 7 days.


* Martin came highly recommended to us by friends of ours. Now after having used his expertise we would like to pass on his skills to other. The house we got him to draw up plans for was note only a complete renovation, but also a major extension. We gave him our ideas for what we wanted, and Martin, with his professional experience and suggestions, was more than helpful. He listened, then took our ideas and turned them in a home we are absolutely thrilled with. We have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a 100% professional draftsman service

* '5 STARS' I highly recommend Martin for his drafting and design services. Recently Martin Visser completed the architectural drawings for our shed extension as well as for our new to build granny flat. He couldn't have been more helpful! All drawings were completed in a timely manner. He also arranged for the structural drawings to be done as well as the design and energy compliance certificates! To top it of he also filled out all the council application papers! Couldn't be happier with Martin's service!

READY TO TALK? Reach out to me directly, email me at martin.visser [at], or call me direct at 0414 705 197

Our Values
MJ Drafting & Design provides service excellence with quality results while ensure consistencey and commitment to the each and every project, no matter the size.

MJ Drafting & Designs is a proactive architectural drafting and design business which enables clients to design and plan their projects - whether it be new homes or alterations and additions. MJ Drafting & Designs pride themselves in provide and honest and profesional service to all their clients. All projects are treated as important and valuable to the client.

Client Service:

Client satisfaction is crucial to our business. It is our personal endeavour to ensure all projects are completed to exactly what the client requires. We take the extra step to ensure client satisfaction


MJ Drafting & Designs is committed to providing the client with the best result to their ideas and plans while ensuring all design and construction meets the required standards, building codes and council regulations

With nearly 20 years experience in drafting and design industry, MJ Drafting & Designs has worked on and completed major projects all over the world. A number of years were spent contracting to locally based companies where MJ Drafting & Designs was heavily involved in the drafting and design stages of many different projects. Many local projects have also been completed for private and domestic clients


We pride ourselves being able to start new projects within 10 days and in providing a quick and efficient service. Revisions to drawings are returned to the client within a 60 hour turnaround.

Mission Statement
MJ Drafting & Designs Mission Statement is to provide the client with the best solution to their projects. We continually strive to acheive results that continually exceed expectations through our commitment to our clients. We pride ourselves in being approachable, accessable, responsive to every project


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