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When do I need a building license?

All building work must meet the requirements of the both planning policies and building codes. Both are seperate processes and approval is determined by complience to the relevant documents.

Below is a list of structures and buildig work that might not require a building permit:

- retaining wall less than 500mm high not supporting a neighbouring land and is not associated work.

- free standing shed less than 10sq m, no higher than 2.4m and not located in cyclonic area

- construction of a pergola (unroofed structure) not exceeding 20sq m, and not exceeding 2.4m in height, and not in cyclonic area

- renovating, altering, improving or maintenance on existing structures. This is only valid if the works do not include structural work and does not increase or decrease the existing floor area.

- Solar panels or hot water systems on domestic building in non cyclonic areas

Remeber - it is always best to check with your local council to see what their guidelines are.