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Home designer info

Choosing the right home designer for your new project can be difficult and is something that should be concidered carefully. A good home designer needs to listen to the clients needs and wants and must be able to translate them onto paper into a home that fulfills the client's brief. The home design must not only be functional and suit all the clients requests, it also needs to be beautiful - both inside and out. That means they can recommend, choose and specifiy the best materials and finishes for the project.

When you trust MJ Drafting & Designs with your project, you are not only choosing a competent home designer, but also a designer who is able to transform your ideas onto paper. With a proven track record and more than 10 years experience in documenting and preparing plans, MJ Drafting & Designs are committed in providing all clients with the best results possible for their project.

MJ Drafting & Designs are able to design and document many differing types of projects. We are willing, capable and able to undertake any new project such as new custom designed homes, altertions and additions, small domestic projects such as masonry fences, patio, gazebos etc. No project is too big or too small. Each project is treated as an individual and detailed accordingly to ensure the best result for each project. They have covered more than 500 differing projects over the past and have a proven track record in completing all projects to the satisfaction of the client.

Client satisfaction is crucial to the business. It is their personal endeavor to ensure all projects are completed to exactly what the client requires, they will take the extra step to ensure client satisfaction. When choosing MJ Drafting & Designs, they pride themselves being able to start new projects within 7 days and in providing a quick and efficient service. There is no need to wait weeks or even months for a set of plans. The designer understands that the excitment of designing our new home or project and therefore it is important to have the design and documnetation process in the forefront of your mind.

Contact MJ Drafting & Designs now so you can start discussing your ideas with the designer.

When your new house plans are documented by an independent home designer, it will allow you to shop around and obtain accurate price comparisons from a number of builders. This is called 'tendering' and allows you the ability to search for the best priced builder.

Be aware that if you engage a design and construct company, you do not have that option to shop around for the best construction price.