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Double Storey Extensions

Gone are the days were double storey extensions required the occupants to move out of home. Disrupting the family in order to make life easier and more spacious are now replaced with a quick alternative. Imagine only having two or three days of major disruptions.

Local Perth builders are now able to construct a double storey extension offsite, transport it to your house and crane it into place all within a few days. All the planning, documentation and approvals is done as per the normal process while the build and construction is done offsite, leaving your home clean and tidy.

Costing is about $1650 per square meter and is lower than the traditional build as all construction is completed off site and in one location and therefore does not require the finesse of co-ordinating it around a family schedule.

In order to determine the viability of the project, all constructions will undergo a structural engineering check to ensure its structural suitability and beams and columns will be added as per the engineers instructions to provide a firm basis for the extension.

The best way to determine costing and the suitability of such an extension to your home, is to have a set of plans prepared by MJ Drafting & Designs as well as the documentation required for construction. Once complete the builder can determine costings and time frames.

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