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Renovating to add value

In an environment where selling homes are tough, there are ways to increase the saleability of your home, as well as increasing the home's value.

Simple tasks, such as tiding up the gardens, by pruning and adding colourful plants or giving the house a coat of fresh paint, all add valuable appeal to the home. There are several digital applications which will quickly and simply allow you to see the hundreds or thousands of different options you have.

If you are bit of a handy man/woman, there are also other ways to add even more value. A simple skylight will add extra light to a gloomy room, it will immediately make the room feel more open and appealing. Basic fixing up, such as a leaky tape, or replacing boring lamp shades improve home values. Little jobs such as changing door handles, toilet sets and tapware can also help increase the appeal of the room.

Projects such as removing a wall or two to create an open plan living is a cost effective way to make a dramatic impact on your home. A professional and qualified builder's assistance is needed and cost will depend on the scale of the project. The appeal of wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry can quickly get tired and with a small budget can dramatically increase the value of the home.

One sure fire way to increase the value of your home is to add a bedroom or a family room. Not only will it solve any immediate space issues you have, but it will also dramatically increase the value for the home. By adding a bed and an ensuite to a three bed home will broaden the market appeal to include growing families.

Locating a new addition to any existing home is critical to ensure and maintain the home flow and functionality. Building the extension on the wrong location will have devastating consequences to the overall value of the home.

Home owners must also be carefully to not over capitalise on the property. Increasing the floor space of the home must be cost effective and owners must always consider future resale of the home. A home that is too big and does not flow will make it difficult to sell.